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Fill our community cup!


Local businesses rely directly on their community to survive. Especially when times change, it is the community that can work together to revitalize the state of the local economy. This is the mission behind the Tip Jar project.  

The United Way of the Brown County Area in partnership with Brown County Area Chambers and the New Ulm Area Chamber Foundation have collaborated to continue the community initiative called "Tip Jar". This next phase of the project will directly impact individuals adversely effected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  In the coming months daycare assistance, utilities assistance, food and other basic needs will be in high demand for those financially impacted by this emergency. 


These are our friends and neighbors who have been laid off or who’s businesses have had to close their doors. 


All funds are received through the through Tip Jar will be distributed through the New Ulm Area Chamber Foundation and will go directly back into the community to offer financial support to those who are suffering due to the impact of MN Executive Order 20-99 and the loss of wages due to the pandemic. It is the goal of this program ensure that every person is connected to the resources they need, when they need them, and that we stay HEALTHY and UNITED!


​This distribution will be through an application process and based on need. All recipients will be fully vetted to ensure need and eligibility.

Please consider what you may have spent on services, at retail and while out at restaurants in this time and give as much as you are able !

A huge thank you to Flying Buttress Media for supplying this video. 
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